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ambulanceThe West Covina Fire Department is proud to provide transport services through the paramedic ambulance program. West Covina citizens will continue to receive exceptional service with paramedics stationed throughout the city. In addition to four engines companies and a paramedic assessment light force, 3 paramedic ambulances will allow the West Covina Fire Department to offer innovative, flexible and quality service to the community. 

These paramedic ambulances are assigned to Stations One, Two and Four and respond with the five fire companies stationed throughout the City. "It's just another example on how the West Covina Fire Department is striving to improve the level of service available to the community," says Mike Fountain, a Fire Captain and Paramedic who has worked on one of the rescue ambulances. The department's rescue ambulance program expedites the arrival of a transport ambulance and aids in the rapid treatment and transport to the emergency room.

Emergency medical care, paramedic service and efficient transportation for our citizens throughout the community have always been a priority for the West Covina Fire Department. By offering rescue ambulance and transportation services, the West Covina Fire Department ambulance program has been successfully implemented since 2005. The goal of our members is to continually anticipate, evaluate and meet the changing the needs of our community and provide the best possible service. 

If you have any questions or comments about the program, please contact Fire Administration at 626-939-8824. To apply for the Ambulance Subscription Program or renew an existing subscription, please call the Fire Department's vendor, HDL, at 888-602-0239. Alternatively, to apply, renew, or make an online payment, please select the last link shown below.

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