Fire iLab Application - Summer 2018

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Our Fellow Intern Program offers college students an opportunity to gain working experience. It operates as a blank canvas for undergraduate students to use their field of study to innovate our department. 

Fellow Interns pitch the project: be it civic, business, design, technology, or any thing they seek building innovation on. If they want to shuffle through the many existing ideas and projects while they brainstorm their own, that is welcomed as well. 

This 8-week internship program is located in the City of West Covina and is open to all majors. 

A city's government thrives on the growth of it's people, and here at the Fire iLab, we are recruiting interns to make that growth prevalent.

Formally, we would like to invite you to apply to our Fellow Intern Program of Summer 2018. Join us, as we evolve Civic Innovation in West Covina.


Geared towards Solutions. Cultivating Innovation. Taking steps Forward. Fire iLab, we're here to create.


Application Deadline: Thursday, May 31 

The 8-week program start day: Monday, June 18

Mon-Thu | 8:30am-1:30pm, approx. 20 hours weekly


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